Buyer’s Representation is 100% FREE plus we offer incentives to assist with closing costs. Get in touch to realize what makes us different without the gimmicks.

In Florida real estate, cost is the usually the most important concern which is usually paid by the seller when there is a Realtor representing the buyer. Where else can you employ the services and receive the benefits of a trained and experience professional on your side for free! An Experienced Educated Realtor helps you hold your cards when negotiating with the seller.

We Provide our clients full access to the MLS.

As a member of the multiple listing service (MLS), we provide full access to the searchable database of MLS listings. Once we know your price range and determine what you are looking for by asking the right questions we will use the full power of the MLS to help you find it. We can provide printouts, email reports, and do custom searches to find available homes that meet your criteria.

Why do something yourself when you can have a Professional do it for you for FREE? Our knowledge and experience will save you from spending valuable time you can spend doing the things you enjoy while the search is being handled by someone else who is a professional. From searching the MLS, writing up the offer, to reviewing seller disclosures, to filling out escrow instructions, to reviewing the titlework and closing documents. . . it’s nice to have an experienced professional by your side to handle the tasks and to help answer any questions you might have. We will ensure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s and follow up with all the parties involved to make sure everyone meets their deadlines.

We are a great resource of knowledge and information around Southeast Florida

Not only are we very familiar with the history and demographics of the area, but we know a lot about real estate. We will educate you about market conditions, and answer any questions you have about the home buying process, including explaining fair housing laws and agency relationships. Our goal is give you the best and most accurate information to help you make the best possible informed decisions.

It’s nice to have a friend in the business

One of the things we enjoy most about working with our clients is the friendships and relationships formed. Your friendship and trust mean more to us than any compensation we get from selling real estate. We hope that if you ever need help buying or selling real estate in the future, or if you know anyone that needs help buying or selling real estate, that you’ll give us a call!